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About Me

My name is Tiffany Bremer I am a full time working wife and mother of two growing boys. I have been married since 2003 to my wonderful husband. Fun fact I got married at the blissful age of 18 but when you know, you know! 

I have a Bachelors and AA in Business and have always had an interest in photography. I began my work because it was flexible and fun plus it keeps me young!

I  started my photography career officially in 2008 as the District Manager for Photo Nursery, which photographs newborns at Fresno & Clovis Community hospitals. We then expanded in Jacksonville Fl. in 2018 so naturally I traveled every few months until development was under way. Realizing the need for capturing memories in the valley I opened the Photo Nursery Milestones studio off site location in 2018! 

  My favorite part of a session is when the children/families remember me from previous sessions and give me hugs or high fives when they see me. My niche is taking candid children's photographs and capturing them just being who they are. I recognize that at that toddler stage it takes running after them to get a great photo, I technically count it as cardio for the day!

I know all to well getting images taken of your family can be stressful to coordinating outfits, grooming, and hoping the kids and significant other will smile! My goal is to capture amazing memories and freeze that moment in time while conducting a relaxed and fun photo session for you.

I am a social butterfly and love meeting new families! I invite you to look around and let me know if you have any questions.


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